A Year in Review: A Letter from Marvin Davis, CEO, MDC Global Solutions (MDC)

2021 was a year of change for MDC. Despite the relentlessness of the pandemic that continues to devastate lives across the globe, I remain filled with an enormous sense of gratitude and hope. I am grateful for the MDC family that continues to provide superb service to our clients; a willingness to endure the stress of a changing work environment; support their families and communities; and steadfastness in staying healthy mentally and physically. I applaud your commitment to our vision by exuding the values of our company. I continue to pray with thankfulness for your strength of character that continues to shine during these challenging times. We have positioned MDC to provide people a place to unlock and live their highest aspirations. Thus, there are three accomplishments that I would like to share as we continue our journey.

Name Change: The former name, MD Consulting LLC, represents the initial growth phase of our company. The phase was full of many challenges, lessons, and celebrations. As this chapter ends, I sincerely want to thank the clients and employees who believed in the company. As we open the new chapter as MDC Global Solutions LLC (MDC), we will continue to strive towards our long-term aspirations as a global provider of superior products and services. I am excited as the MDC family continues to grow and expand, adding to the value of people in the world.

Location Change: Since November 2007, MDC has been in Waldorf, MD. I give the state of Maryland, Charles County, and the city of Waldorf my highest endorsement. The business community has always been favorable for business. Our move to Manassas, VA, enables MDC to serve our employees and clients better. We will expand new business relationships and experiences to add to the value of the Manassas, VA business community.

Clarity of Purpose: The opportunity in 2021 allowed me to fortify and acknowledge our purpose as a company. One of the most critical moments of any company is articulating a brief and relevant purpose. I believe the purpose of a company remains unchanged and worthy to endure throughout the company’s existence.

Our purpose at MDC is to live higher (aspire) to inspire the greatness in people with superior service and products.

Our purpose has existed since the formation of MDC. It is our strategy and the foundation of our success. MDC’s deepest desire is for people to live as their highest selves every day. When a person lives higher, we believe it automatically inspires greatness in other people.

In 2022, we are committed to continuing investments that grow the value of our employees, expand our strategic and operational capacity, and gain a foothold into new government agencies. I wholeheartedly believe that the culture of MDC immediately inspires greatness in our clients and stakeholders. When our employees are living their highest purpose, they transform the lives of their families and their communities. In 2022, I have a simple aim to celebrate every employee, and every stakeholder, every time we meet our goals. So, let’s make it a big celebration!

Live higher to inspire!


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