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MDC serves an integral role in resource management for our clients. Our qualified team of professionals is solely responsible for all aspects of resource management including planning, programming, budgeting, and execution. In addition to exceptional project management, which includes cost, schedule, performance, resources, risk identification, and communication, we incorporate our clients’ current tools to successfully budget, allocate, and execute all resources across multiple agencies and levels.

Through our growing presence, we have developed a cultivated set of reliable, repeatable, and verifiable business processes to effectively deliver solutions for our customers. Our ability to react to environmental changes and stakeholder needs further exemplifies our flexibility. We have used our best-practice methodology and hands-on experience to manage resources valued at over $7B annually.

Our financial management services include the following activities:

Training, Development, and End-User Support/Assistance

To support the training, development, end-user support and assistance-related tasks,  MDC’s professional expertise helps ensure operational success for our clients.

Leading the GFEBS (General Fund Enterprise Business System) training, development, and end-user support globally, MDC provides onsite functional expertise to end-users. MDC’s responsibilities in this support role consist of the following activities:

MDC accelerates the strategic decision making process for clients in…
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MDC leads GFEBS (General Fund Enterprise Business System) governance standardization, which focuses on developing…
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MDC provides insights into integration issues, along with resolutions to…
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At MDC, we provide our clients with comprehensive program management support. Our trusted and qualified…
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