2023 Year in Review: A Letter from Dr. Marvin Davis, CEO, MDC Global Solutions (MDC)

“I constantly see people rise in life who are not the smartest, sometimes not even the most diligent, but they are learning machines. They go to bed every night a little wiser than they were when they got up and boy does that help, particularly when you have a long run ahead of you.” – Charles T. Munger

At MDC Global Solutions, we mark the end of another year with gratitude and deep energy for the work we are fortunate to do every day. In 2023, as we’ve aspired to inspire, our efforts to cultivate a culture of transparency and empowerment have led to our growth as an organization.

MDC has stayed true to our mission of providing targeted operational and financial solutions that help clients achieve their business goals through financial, budgetary, and resource management excellence. Our top government and private organization partners engage with MDC because they know we are experts at helping them reach their greatest potential.

Operational and Enterprise Excellence on Behalf of Our Government Customers

In the government sector, our MDC team continues to support clients by bringing clarity and honest guidance to their operational challenges. It’s this superior level of support and the focus on eliminating mission barriers that has led to MDC securing its first prime competitive Task Order award at the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Specifically, we are supporting the DLA through our exceptional performance in Enterprise Risk Management (OMB Circular A-123).

“As the team lead overseeing MDC’s groundbreaking work with the DLA, I am immensely proud of our collective achievement. Earning the DLA contract is a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled support to our government clients. Through our expertise in Enterprise Risk Management (OMB Circular A-123), we have not only eliminated barriers but have also set a new standard for excellence in the government sector. This achievement reflects the dedication and expertise of every member of the MDC team, and it’s a true honor to lead such a remarkable group.” – Mike Powers

This hard-earned win serves as a testament to our perseverance and our ability to learn and relentlessly pursue a customer-centric vision of performance and excellence. The DLA work is focused on ensuring seamless operations and reducing risks for the agency. By excelling in Enterprise Risk Management, we are streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and fortifying the agency against potential challenges. Picture it as a strategic partnership where we act as the backbone, allowing the DLA to focus on its core mission without impediments. Our success is not just a win for MDC, it’s a win for our client and, ultimately, the DLA’s broader mission objectives.

Building a World-Class Organization and Culture

At MDC, our corporate operations engine has also grown steadily over the past several years to support our burgeoning consulting practice. We are pleased to announce that MDC is now ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 certified. Additionally, our Manassas, Virginia office space has expanded to better reflect our collaborative culture as well as provide much-needed space for dedicated individual and team work environments.

As our exciting new venture, MDC Business University, comes to life and gains accreditation in the coming months, our office space will also be home to the program’s first classes in the Spring of 2024.

MDC Business University’s inaugural offering will be the Financial Management Bootcamp, which will include courses on PPBE (DoD resource allocation), leadership, budgeting, audit readiness, ethics, law, and contracting.

In the first quarter of 2024, we will expand our course offerings to include Program Manager training. This course will seek to help students develop a holistic understanding of management disciplines.

“This year has been marked by significant advancements in professional development, accreditation achievements, and innovations in learning delivery—reflecting MDC Business University’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in education.” – John Shemanski

Paying It Forward By Investing In Our Community

Living our MDC values in 2023 also means believing that each of us can make a difference. That’s why MDC is investing our time in giving back to the next generation.

As is our practice, in the summer of 2023, a team of MDC volunteers participated in a mentorship program through HeartSmiles for inner-city youth in Baltimore. Each week, we traveled to the city to provide guidance, support, and encouragement to these young people. We participated in panels to share our personal experiences and successes, served them lunch each day, and simply got to know them better by listening to their hopes and dreams. We wanted them to know it is possible to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, regardless of their background or circumstances.

It was heartwarming to see how eager they were to learn and engage with us. Our investment in Baltimore and its youth has been an incredibly rewarding experience as we witnessed the positive impact on these kids.

“Born from the pain and heartache of the Freddie Gray riots, HeartSmiles is all about providing youth from underserved communities with real opportunities to succeed in life. We know that too many forgotten neighborhoods are over-run with drug addiction, crime, prostitution and low expectations for life. Not only do we provide hope for youth who want to rise above their circumstances, we provide caring mentorship, leadership skill building, access to internships, careers and more.” – HeartSmiles

Each of these advances and experiences is leading to a thriving culture of excellence, learning, and service at MDC. By creating spaces and experiences for our people to collaborate, learn, and give back to the community, we maintain a thriving organization.

Thank you to all of our customers, partners, and people who make being part of MDC so enjoyable and rewarding. We can’t wait to see what is ahead for 2024!


Marvin Davis
Chief Executive Officer

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