Governance & Policy

MDC leads GFEBS (General Fund Enterprise Business System) governance standardization, which focuses on developing policies for organizational and business process requirements – specifically financial management related. This governance role includes recommending updates to policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) and identifying waivers. MDC also created a Governance Board and Executive Steering Committee to include running and participating in all sub-groups related to system change requirements, policy standardization, and fiscal year-end closeout.

MDC Governance support includes:

Change Management & Communications

MDC offers a proven approach to the challenge of implementing GFEBS (General Fund Enterprise Business System). As the CMC (change management and communications) lead for our clients, MDC applies more than a decade of combined GFEBS and DoD experience to support our clients in bridging the gap between where they currently are and where they want to be. In serving as the lead for the CMC team, MDC uses connections with communities to ensure impactful messaging and customer buy-in.

Our CMC team provides the following support services:

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